Each one of us receives the abundant power of the Universe in one's own unique ways. One may not know, recognize, or understand this at the time. Prompted by a strong desire, that grew over the years, to realize, practice, and share this knowledge with others, and to inspire them to do so, I started writing and expressing it through poetry in simple but meaningful words and verses.

My first published poem titled "Spaceship" appeared in a book, "Immortal Verses", in the Summer of 2007. Encouraged by appreciative readers, I have continued writing to date. This mostly right-brained writing and publishing venture gives me great satisfaction, especially after a long stint of my left-brain in Engineering, which too I thoroughly and gainfully enjoyed.



In the Fall of 2007, I started a poetry blog, "Ash Pradhan's Poetry". The blog was on a popular site, They publish and manage a few hundred blogs on dozens of topics, with global readership and commentary of a few thousand. Several prolific writers publish their work there daily. My blog was well-liked, respected, and was often rated in the Top 10.

It is my strong desire to further spread the messages about life and harmony, woven throughout my poetry, to a diverse global readership, with the hope that the knowledge I receive may help readers in their own lives, as it does in mine. This website is created to spread that awareness globally, and is hosted on major cloud platforms, such as Google.