To date, I have written over 1000 poems of varying lengths, which I have been organizing and publishing in a series of books. The publisher I have chosen is Xlibris, a former strategic partner of the US publishing giant Random House publications, who have a top class complete publishing and marketing service with excellent personal support.

The books are published in the US, and are available and sell globally through local bookstores and online retailers in over 25 countries, including US, India, UK, Australia.

My published books to date are:

"Cosmic Reflections, A soulful journey through life", October 2009;

"Rhythms of Hearts, A charming sojourn with love & lovers", Feb 2011;

"Nuggets & Pearls, Memorable snippets", Sept 2013.

My upcoming books are:

"Harmony, Harmonious human relations", planned for July 2021;

"Random Walks, Enlightening chance experiences, planned for July 2022.


Cosmic Reflections: Poetry about Life on our Planet Earth by Ash Pradhan

"Cosmic Reflections,”A Soulful journey through life”, October 2009.

Synopsis: Embark on soulful journey through life with poet-author Ash Pradhan’s deep, meaningful poetry. With over a hundred skillfully written poems to stir your emotions, this rare composition expresses profound thoughts and emotions deeply entrenched within the poet’s mind, heart, and soul. Intense yet poignant, Pradhan masterfully crafts poetry, grouped in different chapters with topics that follow his mind and heart’s evolution: Spaceship, School of Life, Road of Life, Personality, Spirituality, Sound Mind, Practicality, Universality, Blissful Life, and Namaste. Life, love, spirit, and psyche are creatively integrated and fascinatingly conveyed in this masterpiece of literary creation, making it invaluable for just about anyone at anytime.



"Rhythms of Hearts,"A charming sojourn with love and lovers”, February 2011.

Synopsis: Tap the inner corners of your heart, and capture its most kept desires as Ash Pradhan poetically paints a picture of the Rhythms of Hearts. In this composition of over a hundred and fifty skillfully written poems, he immerses readers into the phases of love. Through different chapters, he pensively and candidly talks about what love is, how to love and be loved, and what it is like to have a wholesome relationship. He likewise touches on the excitement of chance encounters, courtships, and intimacies.
While some poems are sensuous, and others are marked by a touch of the poet’s characteristic subtle humor, each piece in this collection beautifully presents the many forms of love: Love of others, Love of nature, and the Divine love of the CreatorRhythms of Hearts, from page to page, is bound to bring you inspiration, motivation, and comfort amid a world that needs love.


"Nuggets & Pearls," Memorable snippets”, September 2013.

“Nuggets & Pearls”, Memorable snippets for the soul, is a composition of over two hundred concise, memorable poems composed by author-poet Ash Pradhan. Several snippets deliver a powerful message in just a few words, some with subtle humor, a skill mastered by the author. They are organized in chapters of one’s self-development phases: What Matters, Values, Attitude, Communication, Conduct, Health, Wealth, Success, Divinity, Art of life. As such, the book is a good practical guide for anyone interested in personal development.

"Harmony, Harmonious human relations”, planned for July 2021.

“Random Walks, Enlightening chance experiences”, planned for July 2022.

In addition to this author’s website for his books, there also is the  publisher’s website for them. You can go directly to that website of the publisher, Xlibris, where you can review free the first few pages, including the Table of Contents, of each of his books.

Amazon also provides this free service on their website.

Google regularly caches articles / reviews about his poetry in their global database under Ash Pradhan’s Poetry.

His first book, “Cosmic Reflections”, was on display and was cited in the American Librarians' Association's (ALA) annual gala in Washington, DC, in June 2010.

These books can be purchased on-line and shipped directly to the designated address from the popular book sellers;;;

as well as from several other specialty websites, distributors and local bookstores in the US and internationally, particularly in UK, India, Ireland.



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A look at the very basics of living life at its fullest and the enjoyment attained in living it right and well. Mr.Ash Pradhan has excelled in his poetry skills with substance and a good measure of it sustained through experience as detailed so well in his sequence. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and did not stop until I finished it as it provided me with much inspiration and awe. I would say that it is well worth the purchase and more and it is worth a re-read many times over. 

Congratulations sir and all my best wishes for a successful career venture as an accomplished poet and author.

“5 out of 5 stars, My View on Cosmic Reflections”,
by Stanis (Malaysia) on


This book entitled Cosmic Reflections by author Ash Pradhan is spiritual and easy to read. The concept is enlightening and brilliant, well written in its presentation. I enjoyed and enjoy this book very much. A great purchase indeed.

“5 out of 5 stars, Delightful Read”,
by Connie E. Goulden (Texas) on


I got your book! Sensational, wonderful, easy to read and so captivating! EXCELLENT, and the other's coming too! Amazing work, congratulations!

by Shelly Martin (aka sam444, Texas), on


"I have enjoyed in my quiet time reading your lovely poetry. So inspiring, peaceful, bright and interesting.

by C. E. Goulden, Texas., “Elysianfields”.


The passion to write shows explicitly in the way Mr Ash Pradhan presented his writing works on his website. His desire to value the various facets of life experiences, with his contribution towards mankind, is commendable. His well-constructed theme for his books, and their distribution, is done in a well-planned manner, theoretically as well as bringing out practicality in life.

Having had the pleasure of reading one of
his written works namely Cosmic Reflections, I am inclined to believe his second book will be notably successful as with all his future writings, and wish him all the very best."

- Stanis, Malaysia,, "Shobana".


"These are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world! Many hearts will be blessed to read your work. I have ordered a copy".

-- Kelly Orourke, Virginia.


"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very, very, nice - touching, insightful, warm and
very human. WOW. I am not surprised that your poems are getting appreciation from all parts of the globe - they have a very universal appeal and anyone who has lived and loved will identify with them."

- Sandeep Mulay, Mumbai.



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